As part of the WTZ West — Knowledge Transfer Centre the University of Art and Design Linz works on new strategies of science communication technics. After »Maybe Palermo«, that won a Golden Delphin in Cannes and »Rhinospider: An Operation in Three Acts« that premiered in 2016 we are proud to announce the third cinematic adaption of a scientific patent: »Battery Betty«. A fundamentally new concept of a battery and its truly extraordinary inventor Betty are the protagonists of a 7-episode YouTube series. In close interdisciplinary collaboration, the University of Art and Design Linz, the Department for Soft Matter Physics at the Institute for Experimental Physic (SoMaP) at JKU Linz and the team of Las Gafas Films developed a hybrid format that performs between social media interaction and a sheer unlimited spirit of adventure. The series was shot on location at the laboratories for Soft Matter Physics at JKU Linz. Battery Betty provides insights into the awesome world of applied physics, including a stress ball, cat content and heatable swim hats.

Battery Betty is a collaboration of Kunstuniversität — University of Art and Design Linz JKU Linz and Las Gafas Films.